First National Real Estate can offer you the competitive edge

First National Real Estate is one of the largest real estate groups in Australasia, with offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Opportunities exist for people who would like to become a member of the First National Real Estate network. Career opportunities are also available to individuals in the areas of sales, property management, administration and auctions.


Real Estate Sales Consultants

Are you currently working within the real estate industry, enjoy the work and interaction with clients but are disillusioned by the lack of office profile and support which limits your earning potential. Is there:

• Little in the way of real systems and support
• Poor office public recognition resulting in lack of leads
• No fair share or rotation of those few leads that do exist
• A list of debit charges that make it impossible for you to earn the income you were lead to believe was achievable
• A principle who is more focussed on selling themselves rather than working on the business

If you answered YES to any of the above, we invite you to speak with us.

Taylor’s First National is a well established and recognised company in Para Hills and services the north and north east suburbs.

The company has a strong focus on continually building local office profile, using systems and technology to enable our salespeople to succeed in this competitive industry.

If you have the desire and commitment to succeed, we have the local profile, knowledge and tools. Used together success is inevitable.

Interested parties are invited to contact
Paul Taylor on 0408 803 802 or send their resume to:
Confidentially assured.

What can a career with First National Real Estate offer you?

Excitement - No two days are the same in real estate.

Success - You have the opportunity to realise your goals.

Independence - You can determine your earning potential.

What does it take to be a successful First National Real Estate sales consultant?

- A commitment to deliver quality service to your customers.

- A strong desire to succeed.

- A dedication and commitment to a long-term career.

- Pride in being apart of a team.

- Disciplined time management skills.

- Honesty and integrity.

How does First National Real Estate give you the competitive edge?

Training - First National Training provides education in all aspects of a real estate business. First National Real Estate is a Registered Training Office (RTO) combining the best internal and external courses and resources available within the industry.

Awards - Gaining recognition from your peers can be one of the most rewarding aspects of working in real estate and can give you the additional motivation required to be highly successful in your role. At First National Real Estate, the national awards program offers excellent recognition for all the hard work you put in.

Conventions - National Conventions are held annually at prestige locations throughout the country, and abroad, offering a fantastic opportunity to be trained, entertaining and network with your peers. Key suppliers and speakers also attend the annual event.

Specialisation - First National Real Estate offices cover the broadest possible spectrum of the real estate industry, with offices specialising in residential, rural, commercial, investment, valuations and property management.

Regional And Zone Meetings - First National Real Estate offices are classified in geographical zones to enable interaction and opportunity to work and market together. Zone meetings are an ideal way to meet and share ideas with fellow members.

Co-operative Operation - The First National Real Estate Network exists solely for the purpose of providing information, marketing service and product support for its members. The network is committed to the continual growth and performance of its members through the establishment, development and maintenance of network systems, services, products, training programs, marketing and advertising strategies designed to achieve optimum member profitability and market share.

How do I become part of First National Real Estate?

Contact us on (08) 8264 2223 and speak with the Principal, explaining you would like information about a career in real estate. In South Australia, it is necessary to obtain some form of license before you can sell real estate. We will be able to advise you on these matters.