Our Property Management Service

Our Property Management Service

A well chosen property can provide a good, steady return on investment, which overtime, improves along with the property's value.

It is however, imperative that the property is well managed, to minimise any risks that may deminish this return.

At Taylor's First National we are known for our attention to detail, and understand that by maintaining a property in good repair and ensuring it's well presented, will in turn maximise rental return, reduce vacancy periods, and attract a high calibre of tenant.  Vacant properties lose money and are a security risk.

Our well experienced staff offer a quality Property Management Service that includes:
  • Establishment of an appropriate rent
  • Marketing of the rental property
  • Showing prospective tenants through the property
  • Receipt of applications and assessment of appropriate tenants
  • Discussion with Landlord of applicants
  • Completion of all relevant documentation required
  • Receipt of rent monies
  • Follow up of arrears in rental payments
  • Organisation of repairs / maintenance
  • Provision of regular payments and statements
  • Initial, final and routine inspections of property
  • Organisation of and representation at tribunal hearings
  • Bond collection and the first month's rent in advance prior to tenant moving into the property
  • Lodgement of Bond with the appropriate body
  • Personal service from Property Management team

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