Make the right impression at a rental inspection

Friday 16 Nov 2018

Rental properties are in high demand at the moment, which is why it's so important to ensure you make a good impression when you attend an inspection. After all, a landlord will want to make sure they can trust you to keep their investment in good condition and make your payments on time.
Here are some top tips to get you started and hopefully help you secure the rental property you've got your eye on.

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1.  Presentation

How you present yourself to your would-be landlord is important, so think carefully about how neatly you're turned out.

It might not be a good idea to attend in a sweaty gym kit or your dirty work clothes - but then again you don't have to go to the other extreme of being suited and booted. Just make sure you look presentable!

2.  Be yourself

It's essential to be yourself when you attend an inspection. This will help the landlord or property manager make the right decision based on their requirements.

Avoid making up stories and anecdotes to make yourself appear more likeable. If you're not chosen then don't take it personally - your dream rental could be just around the corner.

3.  Show respect

A landlord is likely to have put a large amount of money into their property investment, so it's essential to show it some respect.

Just small gestures like wiping your feet when you enter the front door can all help make a positive impression.

4.  Show an interest

If you're seriously considering renting a property, make sure you show an interest in it. Your landlord might not be good at reading subliminal signals, so be vocal about your enthusiasm.

Asking questions will show you're genuinely interested and also give you the opportunity to learn more about the property you could potentially be living in.

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