How to choose a home for retirement

Friday 16 Nov 2018

the priority list. You might want to swap the big family home for something a little more manageable, but you should also give some thought to how you can adapt your home to your future needs. A few simple adjustments is all it takes!

Here are a few tips to get your house ready for retirement.

Ready steady

When you're buying a home to spend your retired years in, imagine yourself using the property in day-to-day life. Consider the entrances to your home. During your property search, have a think about how many stairs there are. Single storey homes or units are much more practical than a few too many tricky steps. You might need to install hand rails along high steps and stairwells at some point, or chat with a builder or engineer about making the house more accessible with ramps.  

Door frames are also something to keep in mind - can they be widened to fit wheelchairs and walking frames? There might even be a number of grants for seniors if you want to do some minor renovations so check with the local government to see what you can get help with.


Bathrooms are one of the first things people look at in a home, but they can be especially important when you're a bit older. Think about the floor finish. A hardwood floor or tiles may look beautiful in the bathroom now, but it can actually be a hazard when balance doesn't come easily. While there are some simple non-slip mats that you can lay in the shower area to prevent falls, think about whether the bathroom is big enough to install handrails or a shower chair.


Families might look for schools and parks, but retirees might need a home that's close to a medical centre and shops. Investigate how accessible public transport is from the property, should you become less able to drive. You might also want something a little closer to friends and family - and social activities!

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