How to stage your master bedroom for open-house success

Friday 16 Nov 2018

An inviting master bedroom is sure to seduce potential buyers into fighting for your property come auction time. Think luxurious and relaxing – a calming adult retreat. Here are my top tricks…

Contemporary Bedroom by Capital Building

Capital Building

1. Choose calm, restful colours
Create a sophisticated palette for the master bedroom by using neutrals – such as white, taupe, silver, gold, charcoal – and steering away from bright prints and patterns (save those for the kids bedrooms!). These colours have universal appeal and are gender-neutral, so will appeal to both male and female buyers. 

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DID YOU KNOW? Studies show that a softer colour palette has a measurable calming effect on the body and that people will stay in these rooms longer to relax and enjoy the calm – which is exactly what you want your buyers to do!

2. Use oversize linen
This is a great professional stylists trick! Use linen that is one size larger than your bed (for example, on a Queen bed use King linen) to make your bed look sumptuous, luxurious and expensive.

3. Storage space sells
Even in the master bedroom. Don’t forget to de-clutter your wardrobes (especially the suitcases off the top shelves) as a WIR that is only half full looks larger than one stuffed with your excess shoes and old ski jackets. 

BONUS TIP: Colour-code your clothes and use matching timber hangers to make your wardrobe space look extra luxe.

Contemporary Bedroom by Smart Design Studio

Smart Design Studio

4. Position your bed correctly
Choose the best position for the bed in your room – this can have a dramatic impact on your buyers’ perception of the size of the room (and they all want rooms that are as spacious as possible!). Also consider access to wardrobes and windows, and the position of power points (we want to hide those). Experiment with a few options until you find what works best.

5. Select the right art
Buyers do not want to see your family photos (or worse still, your glamour shots!). They want to ‘experience’ a beautiful room that inspires them and that they can imagine themselves living in. So choose artwork that is simple, beautiful and has broad appeal. Keep it simple – one or two pieces per room is a good rule of thumb.

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Contemporary Bedroom by Sisalla Interior Design

Sisalla Interior Design

6. Create a reading nook
If size permits, add an armchair (or two!) and a small side table to create a reading nook. You can also add lamps, scatter cushions and a small pile of books – your buyers will love this extra living space designed specifically for them.

7. Add large lamps
Use bold, dramatic bedside lamps (larger than you think!) to create impact and add a sense of luxury in your room. Choose simple, classic designs and make sure they are always turned on when buyers are inspecting your home – this always adds warmth and a sense of space.

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by Mink Home Staging

Mink Home Staging

8. Use luxurious throws
Layer a throw rug over the bed, and make sure that it’s not too small (this can look cheap instead of luxurious). Neutral colours in the master bedroom, as shown here, create a restful feeling, especially if the room is small, or it’s ‘all about the view’.

Contemporary Bedroom by Darren Palmer Interiors

Darren Palmer Interiors

9. Play with contrasts
You don’t have to fall into the trap of ‘playing it safe’ and only choosing mid-tone neutrals (all cream, all beige, all stone). Adding contrast is super-important for impact. Crisp white linen is a great starting point and you can then create contrast with throws, scatter cushions, artwork, lamps etc.

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10. Choose natural-looking scatter cushions
Beautifully positioned scatter cushions look effortless, and they are the all-important finishing touch on a well-dressed bed. But they are often the trickiest element to master. Choose a symmetrical design or, alternatively, go for a more casual asymmetric solution (based on whether you want your room to be more formal or informal). 

A common mistake I see is simply using too many cushions – the bed ends up looking crowded and uncomfortable – or too few, which looks cheap! Use the best quality cushions you can afford and experiment with a few different options. It’s important to create a balanced solution using a mix of size, block colour and pattern.

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