3 tactical tips to making your open house the ultimate success

Friday 16 Nov 2018

Your home has served you well and now it's time to puff out its chest and put it on display - open home season.  So, in order to make your house best version of itself, you need make a couple of tactical changes to raise the odds of a sale.

Rubbish day

Have you ever seen an episode of Hoarders? This is what you need to do to your house. Grab a bunch of people to help sort through anything that is not coming with you to the new home. De-clutter all junk, furniture and miscellaneous items that won't add value to your life. If you can, hire a large trash bin or have a weekend garage sale. It is so much easier to throw away your stuff or make other people take it away for you. This is an easy, inexpensive way clean up your house before an open home.

flowers blog.jpg

Flowers can have a huge influence when preparing your home for a sale.

The power of flowers

Potential buyers are going to make their first step on the landscape of the property so it's important that it is tidy and inviting.

A behavioural research conducted by Rutgers studied the influence of flowers on our psychology. It found that the sight and scent of flowers alters our mood and makes us happier. The trick to using them in an open home, is to decorate the main room with beautiful smelling scents. It will also help if you prepare your garden for the big day. The potential buyers will immediately notice the landscape and if you want to make them happy, you know what to do.

When preparing for an home open, there are a few things that buyers will look for straight away. Make sure they are on display to increase your chances of a sale.

Try and make the space neutral

Try and take "yourself" out of the house. Your specific taste and style could be off-putting for potential buyers. Of course you can't remove everything, but try and keep the main rooms in the house as simple as you can.  Buyers want to imagine their possessions in the house and it is harder to do that if it is overpopulated with someone else's belongings. The trick is to balance, don't make it appear sterile or vacant, just allow for a little imagination from the people walking through your open home.

Talk to the team at Taylors First National Real Estate to help you prepare your home for a sale and search for a new one that will suit you and your family.


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